Bridge Connect Trade Sessions 2018 Live Stream

Introduction to the New State of the Art Toll System at the Pharr International Bridge.

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    • Pharr International Bridge has enhanced its Toll Credit System for its customers
    • Pharr Bridge will be replacing ALL existing AVIs with new and more efficient ones
    • Learn how the Pharr Bridge AVIs will do more and streamline customer operations
    • See how to download your transaction information and keep up to date records of all crossings
    • Discover all new features avaliable on teh customer web that will make using the bridge even more convenient.

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    Jesus Adrain Rincones
    Chief Financial Officer
    Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority

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    Please RSVP to: [email protected] or [email protected]

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    For any inquiries during or after the event, please email Freddy Flores at [email protected]

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    7 /5/2018
    2:00 pm
    Pharr Development & Research Center
    850 W. Dickerson Rd.
    Pharr, TX 78577